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Tips to quickly improve your UI designs

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Credit to Anna Yashina

User interface design (UI), also called user interface engineering, is the design of interfaces for with the singular focus on improving user experience and usability.

As a UI designer, your task is simply to ensure an application’s interface is attractive, and designed to help achieve business goals. With technology changing the face of work, everyone is looking to improve on their knowledge of soft and hard skills. This is why I have written this quick guide on nine easy tips to help you step up your game as a UI designer.

Employ latest techniques and tools

In 2020, one of the best ways to create a great UI design is to use the latest techniques and tools. Doing this can make your designs look more professional. It is important that you use all the tools that can help you with usability.

Test the layout of your site

You want to make sure your website or application is easy to navigate, this is why you must test its layout before going live. You must ensure that there are no broken links or anything that will be difficult to follow.

Ensure your UI designs contain all the information that is relevant to the person reading it.

If your UI designs would be respected, it has to be user friendly, containing all the information you are trying to convey. You must check if your users will be able to find what they are looking for and will not get lost in your designs.

To achieve this, you must keep your designs simple. This does not mean you have to sacrifice fanciness; however, you must always ensure your designs remain professional. This is something that will help your audience understand the design much quicker.

Test all the features of your designs to make sure everything works.

You don’t want to go back to the drawing board after spending months on your UI designs. You need to ensure that all the features are functioning properly.

Train your eye 

It is important that you are always around people and places that would inspire you with a variety of design options. This is one of the ways you can keep your motivation to improve high. This will also challenge you to try out other kind of design practices. Start by modelling after very popular UI designs and make it a daily habit.

Look at the top UI designers around you, how do they use colours and letterings? How do they make their designs different and immediate identifiable? Find out what you can learn from the designs of these top people and adapt it.

Good UI designers might be able to identify good designs; however, it is only the best and the most experienced ones who have trained their eyes that would be able to identify the tiniest details in designs.

Network with others 

Whether you are the only UI designer on your team or you are working with others, or you are even a freelance UI designer, it is important that you are able to develop the boldness to walk up to other designers, especially at local niche-specific events.

These networks can be a game-changer because it might give you access to an exclusive group where you will be able to discuss solutions to common issues and exchange tricks with other UI designers.

Model after top designers

This may not sound right but it is what it is. While you shouldn’t go all out copying other people’s concepts without giving due recognition, the reality is that when you model your design after what other top designers have done, you are opening your mind to an entirely new world of creativity. Doing that will take you off your perch of comfort and stretch you think like the highly skilled UI designers you are modelling after; this would only bode well for your work.

Remember however that you must never pass off another person’s work as yourself.

Get on projects 

If you are just starting off your career as a UI designer, it is possible that you do not have so many people who are willing to trust your work. In this case, you do not have to stay idle forever. While waiting for gigs, why not volunteer to help out a friend on their project or better still start off one project by yourself?

When you start off personal projects, it frees you up to showcase your creativity completely. It is perhaps a good way for you to shore up your portfolio with designs that could speak for you before you interview for your next retainer role.

Share your work

Not only should you always be looking to share your work, don’t ever forget to ask for feedback. Don’t fall for the ruse of perfectionism; your work can always be better but it doesn’t have to be perfect in an instant.

Design perfectionism is a lifelong journey. Sharing your work with other UI designers and requesting for honest feedback will help you see different perspective on your projects, what you can improve on and what is already topnotch.

A good UI design is a very sought-after skill in today’s world of work. Thus, if you are able to craft designs that help businesses achieve their goals without drawing unnecessary attention to itself, then you might just be working your way to money. I hope that I have been able to share tips that would help you on your journey to do just that. Do you think I am missing out on anything? Share with me in the comment sec