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Collaborating with startups to develop innovative solutions and brands

I'm an independent product designer helping businesses build digital projects since 2010. Proficient, passionate, and appreciate simple yet effective design.

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Accepting new projects for March 23.
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From idea to launch, can assist you at every stage!

Transforms ideas into scalable, sustainable, and forward thinking design solutions.

10+ yrs



Data-driven insights that represent the user's voice and align with business objectives.


Developing high-quality, adaptive, pixel-perfect, scalable websites that can be launched quickly into the market.


Use an iterative process of trial and error to generate unique concepts, ideas, and solutions for each project.


Crafting compelling narratives with bold creative vision.

Feel humbled to collaborate with such a wide range of clients, from global Fortune 500 firms to early-stage startups.

UX Design
UI Design
Early stage Startup

On-Demand Pay solution

CashD- Redefining pay by enabling businesses to empower their workers to choose how and when they get paid.

UI Design
Design System
Australia Federal Government

My Health Record

A safe and secure place to keep your key health information, available to you and your healthcare providers anytime, including in an emergency.

UX Design
UI Design
B2B Solutions

Military-grade data protection

Dekko secure is trusted by organisations of all sizes across the globe for ultra-secure file sharing, collaboration, eSignatures and video conferencing.

UX Design
UI Design
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

WWF - My Backyard Interactive Tool

Collaborating with local communities to conserve the natural resources we all depend on.

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Effective collaboration and quality work delivered on time.

To achieve project success, well stated project objectives and effective planning with clear communication are essential.

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A flawless, seamless process does not exist. Nevertheless, I will be open and honest with you throughout the entire process, starting with our initial video call until the project is handed over.

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I prioritise listening to you and your team to understanding your goals and the challenges you're facing. This allows me better support you in finding a unique approach to solve them.

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Then we will work together and breakdown large and complicated projects into smaller, more manageable sprint in order to meet deadlines and iterate.

" It was a pleasure to work with Kash, they are easy to work with and prompt to respond to feedback and rounds of review. Look forward to working with them again in the future! "
Tom Clark
Enterprise Product & Innovation Manager
"Kash was a great fit for our task. Helpful, attentive to detail and available for important calls when required. He seems to have a great command for design, from a visual, technical and processes perspective, with the added bonus of also understand front end design. We will work with Kash again."
Chris Cooper
Co-founder & CEO
"This is the second contract I have asked Kash to work on - he did a great job with a short time frame, and asked good questions to understand the brief better. He communicates effectively and gives good advice along the way. I'll be sure to use Kash's services again as our projects progress."
Taylor Cockburn
Innovation Lead
"Kash did an exceptional job in creating a number of designs for our application. He brought many ideas and expertise to the table and was able to communicate effectively to ensure we achieved an optimum product. Thank you very much Kash, we will be certain to use your services again as our project requires it!"
Phil Lascala
Co-Founder I Evac Guide
"I engaged Kash to help improve the UI/UX of the web portal for my startup.  I was impressed with how quickly he got up to speed with our product - and saw exactly why we needed him!  He's been a pleasure to work with and his work is fantastic.  Thanks for your ongoing work providing us with much needed direction on UI/UX Kash :)"
Alan Gould
Co- Founder I Trail Vision
"I have worked with Kash in multiple opportunities and have nothing but positive things to say about his service. Very professional with the ability to listening and understand your needs and transform them in the final product that you required. Highly recommended."
Ybrahim Camero
Founder I Hallacas
"Kash is innovative, reliable & quick. He re-designed our site in days and was super professional to work with. We will work with him again."
Renae Leith
Founder I Bondi Beauty
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flexible and adaptable

Tailored to deliver the best outcomes for your business

A flexible and adaptable design and launch strategy. A team of seasoned contract designers, including motion designers, brand strategists, and illustrators, are ready to collaborate as required.

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