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Proficient, passionate, and appreciate simple yet effective design.

I'm a Product Designer (UX/UI)  & a Webflow expert based in Sydney, Australia.

Since 2010, I've worked on web, app, and sass design projects for companies such as BP Australia, M J Bale, IC Markets, Service NSW, Dekko Secure, SkoolBag, Australia Digital Health Agency, CashD, the Victoria Institute of Teaching, and WWF.

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Pursue my passion in the creative industry

I made a shift from the finance sector to pursue my passion in the creative industry, which was the start of my creative journey.

10+ yrs



Career Change

Major shift from finance to creative industry in 2010 to follow my passions.


Startup world

Worked on two failed startups between 2014 to 2020. Currently working on personal project and helping many others.



I never saw myself as a mentor, but one of my colleagues introduced me to Design Lab, and it has been quite satisfying.

My name is Kash Gunaretnam, I was raised in this amazing country, Down Under 🇦🇺 after being born on the lovely island of Sri Lanka 🇱🇰.

During my high school years, I gained interested in making posters and logos as a hobby and developing websites totally with HTML. After almost decade in finance, I decided to seek a further education in Graphic Studies in 2010. I began working as a freelancer after enrolling at CTCA Design School.

I spent a half-decade exploring many aspects of the creative industry, including branding, print & digital design, online & social media marketing materials and building web sites for small businesses using No-Code platform such as Weebly and Wordpress.

Since then, I've never looked back but to reflect on the incredible prospects that the area of Product Design continues to provide.

I have gained valuable experience and professional growth through my diverse career as an in-house designer for design agencies, as well as through working with early stage startups and in the State and Federal Government sectors. Each of these roles has provided unique learning opportunities.


Community involvement

In my free time, I like to get involved with building mental heal awareness through participation in a fundraiser and voluntary work. Additionally helping out at non-profit organisations that do great things for unprivileged kids higher education in Sri Lanka.

headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation


The headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation, is an Australian non-profit organisation for youth mental health established by the Australian Government in 2006.

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RSOA Student Help Center

GM Foundations

GM Foundations - Student Help Centre is a non-profit organisation that assists underprivileged children in pursuing higher education.

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Fancy a coffee?

I'd love to meet for coffee and talk about design, startups, non-profits and mental health issues.
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Sharing some of the design blunders I've made and the lessons I've learned over the last ten years in the design industry.
"Sharing some of the design blunders I've made and the lessons I've learned over the last ten years in the design industry.

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