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UX or UI, where to focus?

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Credit to Anna Yashina

UX or UI, where to focus?


User experience (UX) refers to the user’s interactions and experiences with the product and services of a company. The user interface (UI), on the other hand, refers to the specific assets users interact with.

In this article, we will look at what each designer is capable of.

UX - User Experience Design

The UX is the skeleton of your interface. It gives the interface stability and shape. Just like how a malfunctioning organ can harm the rest of the body, a wrong step in UX design can obstruct other stages of design.

For instance, if your user is a 55-year-old with poor eyesight, and you’ve designed your interface for the persona of a 26-year-old, your final interface may not suit the needs of the former persona.

UI - User Interface Design

The UI is what makes users say that your product is “cool”, “amazing” or even “disgusting” and “poor.” The components of UI includes buttons, colours and layouts that are similar to the function of shirts, pants, jackets, jewellery and shades.

Regardless of how good the UX is, people will always judge on looks - this is an innate human trait! However, this doesn’t mean that beauty without brains will be successful. Both UX and UI are needed in an even blend.

Conclusion: Balance of UX and UI = success

UI is a portion of the UX design process and is the means through which your hard work is displayed.

Each stage of the UX design process can help your product easily solve the problems of your user. Listed below are some decisions you may make:

  • User persona - tells you who your target audience is
  • Prototyping - helps validate decisions of design with your focus on groups such as stakeholders and user-participants.
  • Competitor analysis - informs you about your competition and how to make yourself stand out.

An even blend of UX and UI will bring success to your product and service.